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Social Media
Basic Design

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Let us help you grow your posse! Get to know, understand, and reach your target audience with on-brand social media and content creation, across all your social channels. We will grow your target audience and take your digital marketing to the next level. 

Let us help you grow your following on social media

We create the design and content curation that will engage your community and measure performance with a social media management platform built in to connect to your clients and help you stand out from the crowd.


Social Media


Gotta Have it

Cost: $850

Let’s go a step further with the Social Media Design and Management Package. Get the stress of posting off your to-do list and let's plan everything in one place to get the messages straight, then post all at once, or tweak and send as needed. A key reason why you need this Package is to get a better understanding of your customers, and see what your competitors are doing. This Package delivers real results!

✔️ Discovery call and checklist to outline goals and timeline

✔️ Mood board

✔️ Photography

✔️ Custom-designed graphics

✔️ Overall Profile enhancement

✔️ 30 branded social templates 

✔️ 3 Facebook banner cover options

✔️ Explanation of how to use file formats and delivery

✔️ Total profile enhancement 

✔️ Identify current opportunities and strategies to build your audiences 

✔️ Identify targeted monthly campaign opportunities 

✔️ Caption creation and content strategy 

✔️ 2-3 posts per week on Instagram and Facebook platforms 

✔️ Branding curation and post scheduling

✔️ 30 day calendar of posts in advance 

✔️ Facebook story posts and highlight curation 

✔️ Research and implement hashtag strategy 

✔️ Monthly analytic reporting 

✔️ Additional custom social media posts and or added content creation will be an ancillary design cost at $60/hr




Social Media Design and Management Package

Your business can be more.

I've helped countless entrepreneurs and small businesses find confidence in their brands, websites, social media and various marketing materials, and increased revenue and sales for my clients! I want anyone who is first starting out or doesn't even know where to start to feel like they can come to me for help with their brand or business! We got this, I’ve been there and figured it out, I’m here to help you!

So much more...

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Client Design Process

After all the final touches have been made, we'll come up with a plan to get the word out to your audience. We'll send all of your approved files, completed brand guide, and transfer the website. Lastly, we'll see you through the debut of your new brand and website design with a video walkthrough so you feel comfortable with making any updates! Then we celebrate!



Once the first draft of the brand guide, design, or website is complete, we will schedule a presentation meeting, to go over everything with you. From there you can provide any insight or changes you may need so we can produce the final layout, copy and visuals to you. We'll refine all the changes to you once again, and send them back to you.



We will begin outlining your audience, competition, values, and how we'll use design to achieve your goals. This helps us keep your end goal in mind on the right path to get there. Together we will outline your story, your brand, and come up with a strategy. We'll begin to draft your visuals, logo and other brand elements such as a mood board, illustrations, patterns, and photography!

Creative Direction



Time to do your homework! This is all about brand exploration - your story, your passion, and the how and why behind what you do. We will create a shared Pinterest board and google drive account where we can share ideas to help your vision come to life! If you're struggling with some creativity, don't worry we got you covered!

Time for homework


Then let's schedule a zoom discovery call and get to know each other digitally! From there we'll talk about your goals, your vision for your company and start to brainstorm on a style and strategy for your brand! We'll book your date, sign your contract, and figure out a timeline, and pay your deposit to reserve your space. Then we will celebrate working together!

Discovery Call


First things first fill out our Brand Application. This allows us to get to know your brand better and gives us an idea of how to help you. Then let's schedule a zoom call and get to know each other digitally! From there we'll meet and talk about your goals, your vision for your company and start to brainstorm on a style and strategy for your brand! 

Brand Application


This is how we make dreams come true.

"Cait is a dependable graphic designer who I give my highest recommendation. She is extremely creative, thoughtful, budget-conscious and responsive. She’s met all my deadlines with grace and provided me with extra designs to spark my creative brain and help me really dial in designs that make my projects pop." 

- Kristin McFarland


"Cait is friendly and highly creative. I worked with her day to day on various projects, and she was always able to come up with many creative solutions for our clients. She is focused, organized, and highly driven. I would definitely recommend Cait for any creative project." 

- Lori Flores


"It was a pleasure to work with Cait. She is a talented artist with a great eye. If we had a project that called for beautiful or creative design, Cait always delivered. Perhaps best of all, Cait is a team player. She is always willing to learn and would frequently volunteer to take on tasks or projects. I enjoyed the times we were able to work together.." 

- Caitlin Davis



✓ Marketing Materials
✓ Wedding Invitations
✓ Brand + Product Photography
✓ Email Marketing
✓ Website Maintenance
✓ Packaging 
✓ Trade Show Design 

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We also offer to select clients on special projects

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There are those light-bulb moments in your business when you realize there’s a more time-saving, streamlined, beautiful, professional ways to do things - we guarantee, using us to help you with your website, social media, or branding will help solve your problems!