Brand and Website Launch: New Jersey Singles

Last summer we celebrated the launch of our branding and website project for New Jersey Singles

Shout out to NJS for hiring us to help make their vision come to life. They came to us because their brand and website were super outdated. They needed a new brand and modern website that made them look professional and truly represent what they did as a company! ⁠

New Jersey Singles is New Jersey’s premier dating service and offers a different approach to dating, where one of their dedicated team of matchmakers assists you in your search for finding love. Saving you the hassle, the time, and money! They have over 30 years of dating experience helping singles find each other. They go above and beyond the typical dating service and provide the personal attention you will need to achieve dating success.

I’ve personally met their team and visited one of their 4 locations, they have matchmaking down pat and have been doing it for quite some time, they truly are the experts! It was lovely to work with them!

The branding was entirely custom made, and the website was custom designed using the Wix Website Platform. New Jersey Singles brand is fun, fresh, and professional, while their photographic style features real couples who have actually used their dating services. Our goal was to update their website and social media presence into a cohesive brand to showcase their matchmaking services and testimonials of their clients to attract more of their ideal clients. 

We did this by modernizing their brand, researching and getting to know their competitors and came up with a strategy to attract members to their matchmaking services through an attractive website and functional form to get locals to sign up for their services. 

Congrats New Jersey Singles, we’re so glad to share your website with the world!

Brand and Website Launch: New Jersey Singles

Website Design

Brand + Logo Design

Hi, I'm Cait, Owner and Lead Designer at Cait Hess Design! I went to school for Business, but later I realized that I had a  passion for design, and helping small businesses and other creatives succeed and giving them the tools needed to chase their dreams.

Social Media Design

"Cait is a dependable graphic designer who I give my highest recommendation. She is extremely creative, thoughtful, budget-conscious and responsive. She’s met all my deadlines with grace and provided me with extra designs to spark my creative brain and help me really dial in designs that make my projects pop." 

- Kristin McFarland


"Cait is friendly and highly creative. I worked with her day to day on various projects, and she was always able to come up with many creative solutions for our clients. She is focused, organized, and highly driven. I would definitely recommend Cait for any creative project." 

- Lori Flores


"It was a pleasure to work with Cait. She is a talented artist with a great eye. If we had a project that called for beautiful or creative design, Cait always delivered. Perhaps best of all, Cait is a team player. She is always willing to learn and would frequently volunteer to take on tasks or projects. I enjoyed the times we were able to work together.." 

- Caitlin Davis



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