Good Design Matters

Why Does Good Design Matter? Design is one of the most powerful influences in our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. A good graphic designer uses typography, colors, imagery, and copy, to compose a design that clearly communicates information and value. Design is all around us as consumers. Design ties a whole brand together and gets your message out clearly.

Design is Emotional.

Design influences what we think, the way we feel, and the decisions we make. It can be inspiring, empowering, enlightening, and moving.⁠

Design is Aesthetic.

Designers use aesthetics including balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape, and visual weight to complement their designs into an attractive layout. ⁠

Design is Functional.

Design is not all about the aesthetic and making things look pretty. It needs to be functional and make your content look professional, consistent, and enticing to the user so they understand it.

Design is Communication.

The message needs to be able to be communicated through the design, just like a speaker chooses their words to communicate.

Design can help you market a brand to a whole new category of people just through simple changes in the design and understanding your user. This is why everyone should invest in good design! Good design makes your brand memorable and recognizable!

Why Good Design Matters

Website Design

Brand + Logo Design

Hi, I'm Cait, Owner and Lead Designer at Cait Hess Design! I went to school for Business, but later I realized that I had a  passion for design, and helping small businesses and other creatives succeed and giving them the tools needed to chase their dreams.

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"Cait is a dependable graphic designer who I give my highest recommendation. She is extremely creative, thoughtful, budget-conscious and responsive. She’s met all my deadlines with grace and provided me with extra designs to spark my creative brain and help me really dial in designs that make my projects pop." 

- Kristin McFarland


"Cait is friendly and highly creative. I worked with her day to day on various projects, and she was always able to come up with many creative solutions for our clients. She is focused, organized, and highly driven. I would definitely recommend Cait for any creative project." 

- Lori Flores


"It was a pleasure to work with Cait. She is a talented artist with a great eye. If we had a project that called for beautiful or creative design, Cait always delivered. Perhaps best of all, Cait is a team player. She is always willing to learn and would frequently volunteer to take on tasks or projects. I enjoyed the times we were able to work together.." 

- Caitlin Davis



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